About Us

Project Nutrition was created to provide you with the most advanced tools and resources to take back control of your health.  In 2014, Tyler McRae started Project Nutrition with the intent to help others avoid the confusing and misleading information that he encountered when dealing with his own illness, dysfunction, and disease in a conventional medical setting.

Tyler specializes in functional medicine and clinical nutrition. His practice uses advanced lab testing and personalized nutritional therapies to address the root cause of dysfunction, rather than just treating symptoms.

Every program is engineered specifically for each individual based on their lab results, lifestyle, goals, and personal requirements.


Want to work with Tyler McRae? 

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How the Process Works – Working with Tyler McRae

1st: Submit the New Client Interest Form(shown above) & you will receive a confirmation Welcome Email

2nd: You will receive a second email within 2 weeks of the Welcome Email, which will either reveal your place on the waiting list -OR- invite you to complete the New Client Intake Forms 

3rd: Register for our Electronic Health Record (EHR) system (we can’t establish you as a new client until you register for the EHR, so please make sure not to skip this step!) and Complete the New Client Intake Forms

4th: Book The Initial Consultation within the EHR and upload any past lab results and documentation that you feel may help explain your case

5th: Initial Consultation (60min): this consultation is used to review reported symptoms, recommend specific lab testing, and structure your program (you will be billed for this consult at the end of the appointment*)

6th: Receive the bill for your initial consultation along with the estimate for your specific lab test recommendations and or protocol recommendations 

7th: Pay for your lab testing and or products, then the necessary lab kits along with further instructions will be mailed and or emailed to you 

8th: Complete each of the test kits or collections and book The Case Review Consultation (this consultation MUST BE booked for at least 4 WEEKS AFTER you have already sent off the last test kit in order to allow enough time for us to receive all results*)

9th: Case Review Consultation (60min): in this consultation we will analyze your results, provide lifestyle recommendations, and create your custom protocol(s)

10th: Book a Follow-up Appointment that is dated just after you’ve completed the initial protocol, intervention, and/or recommendation as you may require multiple protocols for different conditions